How to Cure Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) – An algorithmic approach

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

IBS, short of Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a common disease that can hamper anybody without any sense of knowing what has happened to him/her. Estimation shows that about 20% of the total Americans are currently suffering from this disease. In fact, the origin as well as cause of IBS is unknown till date and many researches are committed to find any way to completely obliterate this syndrome. The most surprising thing is, irrespective of the advancements in the medico-technical field, physicians are not able to diagnose or even find out any of the clue that indicates cause of IBS. How many days will the patient have this disease is not fixed. It is seen that IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome might came or go either in a day or two, but also can persist for a long period of time giving pain and sufferings to the patients.

Many of the physicians believe that IBS is not a disease and treat it like a functional disorder in the stomach. Peculiarity of this disorder is the fact that it does not even damage your body but causes an unbearable pain in the intestinal region. However it does not create patient serious in health and this disease has some cures like controlling the lifestyle and change in diet.

How IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome feels like?

Patients usually complain for pain, depression and discomforting irritation. Either Diarrhoea or constipation with excessive gastric formation, engorgement, fettered feeling and presence of mucus in the bowel movement are some of the symptoms. The patient either has some of these symptoms or all of them simultaneously when suffering from IBS.

Some tips to cure IBS:

An easy to follow algorithmic approach can feel you relieved or even completely cure you of IBS.

Medical Practitioner support:

One of the first steps to be taken for the alleviation of IBS certainly demands subsequent changes in you dietary habits. Your physician might give some drugs and medicines for relief. Some of the most appropriate classes of medicines are anti diarrhoeal drugs that can relieve you of vomiting and frequent motions, antispasmodics for the modulation of pain in intestines and gastrointestinal tract and antidepressants for the spasmodic contraction of the intestinal region.

Most important thing is that you never take any of the medicines without prescription of your physician; this may result in worst situations.

Adaptation of good eating habits:

Always eat with slow pace and in small intervals. Very fast eating habits and abrupt selection of food can result in unsympathetic consequences. You should take gaps between your meals and take it in small fractions. Proper chewing of food can help in maintaining hygiene and give you comfort.

Yoga and Pranayam for stress relieving:

Stress triggers different physiological reactions and responses. It can easily be overcome with the help of yoga practice and different breathing practices (pranayam). Massage can provide good results too.

Routine Exercising:

If you want to be healthy and relieved then exercise is the cheapest and most effective way of doing so. Increased flow of blood and the stimulation of gastrointestinal tracts with exercising is the most effective way to depress IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome by improving the pains in the abdomen, stool management etc.

As per a survey conducted in the United States, it is found that people following their daily routine as per above mentioned algorithm have got subsequent relief in their IBS ailment. For the welfare and awareness, Dr. Rachna Mehra is concerned about the health of her patients and gives those instructions and useful dietary suggestions for keeping their IBS under control and curing them.

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