IS DermaBellix an Effective Skin Tag Remover? Why Should you buy it?

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These are small outgrowths, brown or white in colour which do not cause any harm to skin but give an appearance of warts. They usually occur on cheeks, neck and arms. People who mostly stay under the sun or have an interaction with dust and dirt on daily basis are prone to get these. They occur due to penetration of dirt particles. The growth of cells in the form of groups or lumps produces a black or brown colour outgrowth which is called a mole. Cells causing moles are melanocytes. The usually occur in teenage or during pregnancy. The reason behind this is the thickening of the blood.


It is difficult to get rid of skin tags and moles in this busy routine. If you apply medicated creams or use medication on daily basis they leave scars on your skin. Moreover, they will never properly remove the tags and moles. For this purpose, different dermatologists, after research, have created a serum which can help you in getting rid of this problem. Dermabellix is a natural serum formula which is prepared to diminish skin tags and moles. Moreover, it removes the scars and blemishes where the spots were located previously. After one month use, you will find your skin glowing, attractive and free from spots and scars.

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This skin care serum consists of all natural and authentic herbs and extracts which bring a natural glow on skin. Some of the major components are listed below:

Sanguinaria Canadensis– it is the major component of dermabellix and has been used in dermatology industry for many years. It is a natural plant extract and is also known as Bloodroot. This component is aimed at removing the cancerous growth of cells like warts. Moreover, it makes the tags and moles to fall off from the skin and inhibits their future growth again. In short, it removes the dead dermabellixs and promotes the growth of new cells.

Zincum Muriaticum– this component is a herb which is associated with the homoeopathic industry. Zincum works in a very natural way. It creates a coat over tags and moles and then plucks it from a root. The scar which is left behind is healed with the passage of time by the continuous application of dermabellix serum. Zincum is an antitoxic and antiseptic agent. It is extracted from Earth crust. Furthermore, it also detoxifies the dermabellixs.


Dermabellix, a natural serum has a very simple working mechanism. It targets the root of the cells and kills the dead cells and tags residing there. It means it acts on the roots of these tags and moles and makes them fall off. Once these outgrowths are made soft enough to fall off, they do not grow again. The removal of tags and moles leave some scars and blemishes on the skin. But no need to worry! These spots are permanently healed by the continuous use of this serum from two to three months. By its regular use, you will fell a glow and smoothness o your skin. Your skin will become free from all kind of scars and spots.


The natural and organic ingredients of dermabellix bring the following effects on the skin:

  • Firstly, the product specifically removes tags, moles, small outgrowths, pimples and blackheads from the skin.
  • Secondly, dermabellix gives an attractive, glowing skin.
  • The product keeps your skin moist and nourished all the time.
  • It removes away all the dead cells of the skin and promotes the growth of new cells.
  • It removes dark circles, spots and wrinkles as well. The serum will lift up your skin and gives you a younger look. You can rely on it for a longer period of time.
  • Along with all these benefits, dermabellix will kill all foreign particles which try to reach your skin surface, it will create a shield on your skin surface.


The method f application is quite easy and simple. Just wet your face and then dry it with a clean towel. Make sure that no dirt particles are present on your skin. Then put some of the serum from the bottle on the palm of your hand and rub it gently on your skin surface. It is recommended to apply it at night before sleeping. It will open up your dead pores and nourishes them. Daily use the same method.


The dermabellix is available in different packages. One bottle costs $59. If you purchase three bottles they will cost $100. And the purchase of 5 bottles costs $148.5. Moreover, discount packages are also available for daily customers. The product is available only on the official link with proper trial and refund policy. The manufacturers have tried their best to ease the customers.


  • Apply this serum on daily basis for better and effective results.
  • Check out the expiry date before purchasing or accepting the order.
  • Improve the daily intake of water. Keep your diet healthy including fruits and vegetables.
  • Keep it away from the reach of children.
  • Store it in a clean and dry face.
  • Apply it on a dirt-free face and clean face.


Every single customer who tried this product gave their positive feedback. A lady shared her experience as, “just before one month of my marriage, I started getting skin tags due to stress. No medicine or cream was able to remove it. Then I tried dermabellix which i had bought from walgreens. Just after one week, my skin started getting better and fresh. All tags were removed and I got a beautiful glow”. She recommended it to many people.


Dermabellix is not a scam! It is a true and legit skincare serum which will make your skin look better, younger and scar free in one month! Try it once and you will buy it again and again.

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