Kojic Acid and Glutathione: The Top 2 Ingredients for Skin Whitening

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Many people have used skin whitening products mainly for lightening their skin tone. With the vast conducted researches and studies, different types of ingredients have been proven effective in the field of skin whitening. However, two of these countless list of ingredients top the chart—the Kojic Acid and Glutathione.

Skin Whitening Soap

A skin whitening soap is a widely-used product that is mostly used by women to lighten their skin. The soap actually inhibits and manipulates the production of melanin that causes the skin to become darker when exposed under the sun. Many whitening soaps are advertised to be effective in leveling the skin tone throughout the body, decreasing the scars, and reducing age spots. In some other cases, the soaps cans serve as an efficient cure for Melasma and Hyperpigmentation.

However, the effects of the usage of a skin whitening soap can decline through time when not used in a regular basis. Using products attributed to skin whitening must be continuously repeated for the effects to last longer on the skin. Hence, using such soaps entail higher sense of commitment—needless to say, the spending of money—to see the successful results.

Because skin whitening soaps are more particular and effective than ordinary soaps, they tend to be more expensive and might be very heavy for the wallet, especially that the products must be used regularly. Even then, there are some considerations to take note when using a skin whitening product, or soap in most cases. The whitening effect is caused by the block of the production of melanin so people using such product should stay out of the sun as much as possible. Although some soap will include UV protection in the list of their components, protecting the skin must be considered all the time to magnify positive results.

Kojic Acid

Kojic Acid is continuously used in most skin whitening products especially in cosmetic, lotions and soap. Many have testified to its effectiveness and safety, especially that the Kojic Acid is completely natural and does not contain dangerous chemicals. Kojic acid is actually derived from a mushroom which mostly strives in Japan, and has long been proven to contain skin lightening effects.
Usually integrated into whitening soap, the Kojic Acid pretty much works like the other soaps found in the market today.

This ingredient can stop the melanin production that simply causes our skin to be darker the more one has it. Along with this simple process, there are many skin-related appearances or diseases like the age and sun spot, Melasma and Hyperpigmentation that are treated using the Kojic Acid ingredient. In totality, Kojic Acid promotes overall lighter look and complexion, anywhere and anytime.

Another good thing about the use of Kojic Acid is the fact that it has a longer shelf life compared to other ingredients. Kojic Acid products actually repel the oxidation process, thus, preventing spoilage. Therefore, not only can one expect the skin whitening results of using Kojic Acid, but he can also use the product for a long time.


For a very broad overview, Glutathione is actually very essential in every cell development and protection of both humans and animals, with the liver as its largest reservoir. This means that Glutathione is produced in the body itself while protecting some organs and detoxifying some body system organs. It also stops and directly fights off free radicals that penetrate into our body, and eventually into our body cells. Free radicals are those dangerous substances that freely roam around us by means of sunlight, air and etc.

Many women, especially across Asia, have greatly bought and used Glutathione skin whitening products because of its effective treatment and immediate results. Maintaining the Glutathione soap in the bathroom can be very costly; however, its usefulness extends beyond the expectations of users. Glutathione also needs to be accompanied with the Vitamin C to make it work effectively.

There are many whitening products of Glutathione found in the market today including pills, cosmetics, lotions, soaps and injectable. All work the same to promote whiter skin tone. However, the results can vary depending on the natural skin tone and the body’s overall metabolism. Glutathione actually is not just a whitening pill but rather, also a good healthy component for our bodies.


Using such whitening soaps entail many benefits and amiable results for those wanting a good skin complexion, at the same time, a healthy body. First, lightened skin throughout the body is obtained especially when using products of any of the top 2 ingredients. Studies conducted have also shown the effectiveness of whitening soaps in curing skin diseases like the acne, spots and dermatitis. The Glutathione, considered as the body’s master antioxidant, also reverses skin-aging and prevents the aging signs that people don’t normally want to display, and because both ingredients are natural-occurring, safety can always be guaranteed.

Note:Suzanne Boleche is a Health & Beauty expert and is well known in her native Philippines for her generous heart and open spirit.

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