Hl12 Supplement Reviewed by Customers With Side Effects Described

A large number of people are searching for an unbiased review on hl12. A review totally based on customers was much awaited. So I tried to dig deep into it and researched each and every aspect. There were numbers of questions in mind. Whether it is a hope or just hype? Many potential customers are searching for the prospective side effects of hl12 supplement. Some who were yet to decide about hl12 are thinking that it might be another scam. So here is my first consumer based hl12 customer review.

What are the benefits of hl12?

  • It lowers blood sugar and effective in type2 diabetes.
  • It tries to repair damaged beta cells by improving immune system.
  • Improves pancreatic health.
  • Lowers cholesterol levels.
  • Lowers blood turbulence.
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Boosts immune system to fight with other types of viral diseases like seasonal flu, fever, cough etc.
  • Better focus due to better health.
  • Increases energy


What is HL12 Diabetic Supplement?

Adam Pastor and a team of researchers are behind this supplement. The Idea to cure diabetes came from the both testaments of holy bible. It stands on the twelve ingredients prescribed in the bible for ultimate body health. According to the team Pastor these Ingredients are very effective in controlling type 2 diabetes, Pre-Diabetic symptoms and blood cholesterol level.

Before claiming its advised benefits, team pastor did a complete research on the ingredients of hl12 supplement. According to them, it will not cure your diabetes completely, as persons change so the results will. Never take it as a magic or miraculous supplement for your diabetic problems.

How Customers reviewed or quoted about it?

Bethany a teenager quoted about her granny’s experience:

Since I am a student at University of California, Riverside, in the department of botany and Plant Sciences. My professors talked about hl12 and its influence on pre-diabetic and type-2 diabetes. My granny was already suffering from type2 diabetes. She tried it and her sugar level came to 6.3 ml from 8.0 ml after first month of its usage. Her cholesterol levels and blood pressure are also normal since then. She is very energetic now. I am just here to tell others to don’t waste your time in finding negative things about this bible based supplement.

Delilah reviewed it as:

Being a widow in 40 and diagnosed with typ2 diabetes is not a fun, it really scares. I have two baby boys under 10 with no other offspring. I rushed to the doctors to help me cure my diabetes. Their recommendation was exercise and prescribed diet, if condition goes bad then an insulin injection was must. Then I saw hl12 somewhere on Social media I searched about it. I was not satisfied with the reviews as everybody was intending to sell his bottle. Not late but the least, I ordered it and they sent it to my house on the 4th day of my order. Though it did not claim to cure diabetes neither it can, but effectiveness in controlling blood sugar is impressing. My beta cells are in better condition and even my doctor asked about my diet as blood sugar reports were very encouraging. At the end thanks to team Adam pastor for introducing such a great supplement. I would love to recommend it as a working supplement.

Steve also reviewed it critically:

After reading multiple reviews I thought, now I can crush my diabetes ultimately. My pancreas and beta cells will be in best conditions. But after taking it for two weeks it did lower just 0.1 ml level of my blood sugar. I was disappointed with it but did not leave it from taking, just due to remembering the punch line, the results may vary from person to person. After 45 days of its usage my sugar level first time came under 6.5 in two years and now I am under 6.0 and all is due to hl12. I will advise you to never consider it as a magic prescription. It can help you in diabetes or it might not. Never consider it as an ultimate cure of your sugar levels.

What are the ingredients in it?

The ingredients in hl12 are all natural and not a single ingredient is artificial. Each and every ingredient has its own benefits and the formula is unique.

Cinnamon is an herb which is very popular from centuries. It is an extract of Cinnamomum tree bark. Researchs proved that it has antioxidant properties. Its benefits are:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti diabetic
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Prevents from cancer
  • Provides increased immunity

Bitter Melon or Bitter Gourd is native to south Asia. It tastes bitter and a good antioxidant. It is also anti-inflammatory, anti-influenza. It is very effective in type2 diabetes as it contains charantin which is blood sugar lowering component. It suppresses your appetite for food and might help you in burning your body fats.

  • Zinc
  • Manganese
  • Vanadium
  • White Mulberry
  • Biotin
  • Guggul
  • Chrommium
  • Banaba

How does hl12 work?

The formula is made to support body’s natural ability to fight higher blood sugar levels. It improves the functionality of pancreas which improves the ability of the body to produce insulin. Insulin’s quantity plays vital role in lowering blood sugar level. There is also a function of body at which it stores the extra amount in liver. Pancreas assists beta cells in insulin production in type2 beta cells are present but in some bad condition. If beta cells are torn and are not present then body is completely unable to produce insulin. Hl12 is of great assistance in typ2 and pre-diabetic symptoms.

Can It Cure your Diabetes?

From thorough research and best of our knowledge, there is no product neither any technique is available that really can eradicate Diabetes. Blood sugar can only be controlled by a managed lifestyle. What HL12 Supplement does is, it provides bible recommended ingredients to your body. these ingredients have strong history and excellent back-track.

What are changes and Side effects after consuming hl12?

Based upon clinical researchs and customer reviews, we cannot label it as reactionary or side effective supplement. We asked many consumers of hl12 about the first month of consumption. If they noticed any type of change in their bodies while consuming hl12. No one responded with negative feedback. People only noticed the following changes.

  • Reduced blurriness and clear image of whatever they saw as compared to days before consuming it.
  • Less appetite.
  • Lowered or no cravings for sweet dishes.

Where to buy it?

You can buy this product from their official website. They will first show you a video presentation on their website about the hl12 supplement, the video is little long, might take 10 to 15 minutes. After the video ends a button will pop-up and clicking on that button, you cannot buy it from Amazon and GNC.


Is hl12 a scam?

Holy land health will only charge you the prescribed money they will not send you an auto shipment. If you again need it you can buy it again. If you have any problem with them you can straightly call their support at 1-844-714-9209. They are professional and will solve your problem definitely.


Hl12 a dietary supplement made by team Adam Pastor from Holy Land Health. They got an idea from Bible to help people finding their ultimate health. The product composed of twelve biblical ingredients and every ingredient has its own history. It has got some good customer reviews which prove it an effective supplement. It is very effective in type2 diabetes and controlling blood cholesterol and blood pressure. If you experience any type of diabetic symptom then you should give it a try. Please Note that Hl12 is no more, they have halted its production due to unknown reasons. You might like to read about Vedda Blood Sugar which is a blood sugar remedy from South Asia which is very hot selling in United States of America.

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