A detailed study of telomeres and its structure


Is it really possible to reverse the aging process? Are there any supplements that can reduce your aging signs and offer your body complete rejuvenation? Well yes, today there are Nobel Prize winning discoveries on telomere and telomerase enzyme that is the main cause of gaining. With this article you will understand the aging process and how the supplements can reverse the process of aging and the damages that can be control with these supplements.

What does telomere mean?

Before understanding more about the supplements and its benefit, it is important to understand what exactly telomere is. It is simple repeated sequences of DNA generally present towards the last part of chromosomes’ arm and are distinguished by hundreds of tandem repetition of TTAGGG nucleotide sequence. Studies have proved that at passing phase of human life the sequences of these nucleotides reduce slowly throughout every development of cell division and replication. The length of telomere deals with gradual decrease. The shortening of telomere is understood to be the main reason for following cellular damage for its inability to duplicate successfully. There are sequences of occasions from slowly succeeding cellular disorder to successive aging sensations that finally leads to death.

Simplified facts about telomeres

Telomerase are comparatively important new and the most important development in the science of aging.

Telomerase enzyme is naturally occurring when activated it lengthens telomeres. Stem cells and germ cells have higher level of this telomerase while normal body cells do not have or have little telomerase.

Telomere gets shorter every time a division takes place and this happens due to cell division mechanism.

The level of telomeres gets shorter with aging which means older people will have shorter telomeres. There are various other reasons for this shortening and it could be stress, diseases and various other conditions.

What does telomerase supplement do?

The telomerase enzyme is responsible for preserving the integrity of telomeres. The most important features of our life are chromosomes and form an essential part human system to maintain the structural stability, positioning and accuracy of division by telomeres. Adding numerous repetitions of nucleotides to telomeres, the enzyme telomerase prevents further damage and no hereditary information is lost throughout DNA replication. Scientist have actually come to a conclusion that the enzyme is the main body hormone that assists hereditary repair and changes telomere sequences regularly hence revising the clock which controls the dividing cells.

It is comprised of a variety of several components of protein and an enlargement of RNA which is made use of as a design to synthesize short repeats of the DNA gets added to the sides of chromosomes. This Telomerase enzyme seems to be the source that prevents cellular cycle of aging through offering extra DNA to the length of chromosomes and allowing cell department to breed and re-grow. Treatments are being produced that may assist to avoid the worsening effects of getting old by preserving the height of telomeres.

What are other supplements available?

Today there are preferred supplements to ward against growing like fish oils,vitamin E, resveratrol and vitamin D3. All those declare to improve the telomerase process and extend the length of telomere. The resveratrol guarantees to provide the precise enzyme that will degrade in the body as we grow old. There are many other research and tests going on which can slow down the aging process and can bring about complete change in related health issues.

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