What is Cleargenix and how does it work? Scam & Side Effects

It is an anti aging acne and pimple reversal cream which uses latest scientific methods and ingredients which have been featured in the American journal of dermatologists. The cream helps you clear you skin from acnes and buds which are present on your skin just to embarrass you. The solution is unique in every way from its formulation to working. The product is readily available in US market and could be ordered from any state. It makes your skin attractive and maintains its charm. It reduces wrinkle lines and clears eye bags. Cleargenix keeps your skin fair and smooth clearing irregular facial color.

How does cleargenix work?

It clears skin from all type of bacterial infections and acnes appearing on your skin. It also reverses and restricts the allergy which is making your skin red. Cleargenix treats your subcutaneous skin and clears trapped bacterial garbage and make it possible either to kill it inside and fell it with drying or force it to come out and treats infected area. It not only kills acnes but helps in its healing and increases skin immunity.

What are its benefits?

  • Acne killer: It resists acnes and stops it from furthering. It stops mole and pimple formation and reverses the reaction of already formed acnes.
  • Anti-allergic: It is not for acnes only as it can reverse allergic reactions of bacterias on all skin types.
  • Moisturizes skin and provides the required nutrients to skin it look nourished and health.
  • It clears fine wrinkle lines and tightens the skin making it more beautiful and attractive.
  • It clears dryness and unfair color making the skin fair, brighter and beautiful looking.
  • It gives your beautiful looking skin back to you, which you had lost to these stubborn buds and dumps.

Side effects of Cleargenix

You might have heard that blah blah cream caused allergy, skin redness and hyper sensitivity. These all things happen if a product is containing unauthorized substance. In those cases side effects do occur and that is why it is always told that one should not buy a product from unknown manufacturers. Cleargenix is produced by trusted manufacturers which have already manufactured a number of products.

Where to get cleargenix?

You can buy this product from the link provided here or directly order it from Amazon, eBay or GNC. You can also try searching it at costco and CVS too. The price is just $30 which is very affordable. The normal shipment time starts soon after you place your order and within 72 hours it knocks your door.

Cleargenix a scam product?

This question could arise in anyone’s mind due to the widespread scams happening on internet but have you noticed that you don’t get scammed by your trusted brand. Cleargenix is a unique and trusted formula created by industry specialists who have spent their valuable time to create cleargenix but how they could harm their own reputation? If someone in disguise of cleargenix try to ditch then company has notjhing to do it you need to report those people to company and they will take all legal actions possible.

Cleargenix Ingredients

Resorcinol is found in alcoholic drinks and can dampen acnes.
Azelaic Topical is used in gel and foam form to treat redness and allergies of skin. It can also reduce skin swelling.
Retin A Cream has healing properties and could reverse pimples and acnes.
Salicylic is known as most effective ingredient against acnes as it can dry those buds overnight.
Benzoyl peroxide this is mildest in all substances used in this product as it kills outer bacterias and keeps your skin pure and natural.

Why we get acnes and pimples?

It is not known to anyone that at what age someone may get a pimple or ace these buds can show up on anyone be it child, teen or a mature one. The process acne formation could start at anyone’s skin due to some condition. Our skin contains subaceous glands which are responsible for lubrication of hair. That lubrication process is carried out with the help of sebum and sometime it gets produced more than required or used less than it should be. That’s why sebum gets trapped there and bacterial reaction leads to different type of buds which could be whitehead or blackhead and in many cases shows redness on the skin. Generally these pimples and acnes show up in teenagers due to the excessive hormonal change and environment does also plays its role in formation of acnes on your skin. Junk foods like pizza and fast foods could also impact your fairness and stimulate acnes on your skin.

What are other treatments?

If you are willing to remove your acnes at home without using any product then you need to be careful with your daily routine. The first step is to wash your face clearly and remove any possible dust so your skin might not interact with environmental bacteria. Use a good quality soap to cleanse any possible bacteria on your skin. Use a moisturizer if it is containing aloe vera then it is better as those are better to be used.


Ruby: My skin was scarred and acnes were everywhere I was the only one which was easily noticed by anyone. Even the girls from other class would remember my class with the name “section of girl with acnes” that was very embarrassing for me but I would keep smiling. I have special soap and a cleaner to wash my face regularly but that did not help. After few days I started using cleargenix which my father bought for me from somewhere. After 24 hours of its use I delighted dampening of my acnes and within three days there were only traces of those acnes. After using it for a straight month I my skin became normal and it did not have a single trace of those acnes and pimples. That was one of the greatest help which ever has done to me by any product.


If you are searching for a safe and non allergic solution to clear your acnes and pimples then you should not hesitate trying cleargenix acne reducer cream.

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