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Yes, It’s Official… Plavix Goes Generic Today!

Bristol-Myers Squibb may have tried everything to block generic Plavix from hitting the market, but it’s over now. As of this week, Bristol-Myers’ patent on Plavix expires, and generic versions of Plavix are set to ship. Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club have already announced that they expect to carry generic Plavix by May 19th.

Bristol-Myers was due to lose its patent protection on Plavix in November of last year, but was able to extend its patent on Plavix in the U.S. for another six months. With four of its top money-making prescription drugs losing their patents over the next five years (schizophrenia drug Abilify, blood pressure medication Avapro and the HIV treatment Sustiva, in addition to Plavix), it is no wonder that Bristol-Myers Squibb was fighting tooth and nail to hold onto its exclusive rights for as long as possible.

But it’s all over now! Brand-name Plavix generally retailed for over $175 for a 30 day supply, so it’s only good news for heart patients!

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