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May 2016
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Why Would Someone Young and Healthy Buy Health Insurance?

We sometimes get asked that question. It usually goes something like this, “Why should I shell out a couple of hundred dollars a month for health insurance? What are the chances I need health insurance?”

What are the chances, indeed!

After leaving college at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh last year to move to Los Angeles, 23-year-old Odin Gray debated for several months whether to buy a health insurance policy.

An avid bicyclist, he finally decided in December that it was time to buy coverage.

“I knew that if anything happened,” Gray recalled, “I was going to be in serious trouble and that it could bankrupt me financially.”

His decision, it turns out, was a smart one. In January — just one month after buying a policy — he took a spill on his bike while heading to work, he said. “I smashed my head on the pavement and got a traumatic brain injury.”

Young people looking for health insurance have new options

Do your adult children have health insurance? Tell us about it in our discussion forum!

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