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Medicare Open Enrollment: Only One Month Left to Switch Medicare Advantage Plans!

Well, we’re well into Medicare Open Enrollment season! Have you started looking at your Medicare enrollment options?

We hope so, especially if you are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan! We’re only one month away from the December 7th deadline to switch Medicare Advantage plans. Remember, like last year, Medicare Advantage enrollees will only have one chance to change their Medicare Advantage plans, and after that, will be locked into that plan for all of 2013.

Traditionally, Medicare Advantage enrollees also had the option to switch their plans during January, February and March of each year, but that “Open Enrollment” period is no longer available to you. If you have relied on the traditional enrollment period in January, February and March to review your Medicare Advantage options and change your plan, beware! You only have from October 15th to December 7th to change your Medicare Advantage plan!

After December 7th, you will still have the option to disenroll from your Medicare Advantage plan until February 14th, and you will be allowed to enroll in traditional Medicare and a separate Medicare Part D prescription drug plan.

Are you prepared for Medicare Open Enrollment season? Tell us about it in our Medicare discussion forum!

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