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October 2010
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Link of the Day: Still Shopping Around for Medical Care? and

If like most Americans, you’re taking a much closer look at your medical bills these days, we have a Link of the Day which can help you. Between unemployment, losing health insurance, underinsurance and high-deductible health insurance, most of us are paying a much bigger share of our medical bills now and looking where we can get the best bang for our healthcare bucks.

Don’t forget there are some great Internet resources that can help you comparison shop for the healthcare that you need. Two that we like:

we like: gathers pricing information from providers across the country and then lists what it determines to be a “fair” price in the zip code that a consumer enters into the website. Consumers can then use this information in negotiating with their healthcare providers.

For more detailed information, lets consumers price out services and treatments in their area by seeing the prices that providers in their zip codes have posted. Consumers can also enter in a price that they are willing to pay for a service or treatment and providers in the area can respond if they are willing to accept that price.

Do you have tips for shopping around for your healthcare? Tell us about it!

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