How Does Endovex Work? Its Side Effects according to Consumers Included

Endovex is a male enhancement and testostserone boosting dietary supplement. Unlike many other supplements, its results speak of itself. Folks are already getting solid and absolute results by consuming endovex. It is quite new supplement but ingredients in it have the history of centuries. All substances has are natural and consists of herbs collected from multiple countries across continent America and others from Asia and Africa.

How Endovex Functions to provide benefits?

Increases Libido: It boosts testosterone hormone in the body by stimulating hypothalamus gland. Hypothalamus and Pituitary gland control the levels of testosterone in body. Pituitary gland provides gonadotrophic which sparks Luteinizing hormone. LT Hormone then produces testosterone in body. Which results in a shoot up of Testo hormones vital for you sexual performance.
Increases Erection: It increases the strength and size of male organ. Penis becomes longer harder and stronger. The reason to harder and stronger erection is due to the increase blood flow. When blood flow increases inward and decreases outward of penis a solid and longer erection occurs. Erectile dysfunction is due to the decreased blood flow and fractured veins. It rehabilitates those fractured veins.
Better Perfomance: Due to increase in testosterone and blood flow ability to do intercourses increases. The main feature of this product is improved performance and no more pre-mature ejaculation.
Increased Energy: It increase energy in the body as free testosterone increases in the blood which solidifies bones and muscles. It gives you a long lasting stamina which does not let your breathe swell.
Low body Fats: Increased blood flow aids in burning stored fats in the body. Increased digestion also aids in burning body fats. It could also be very helpful in burning body fats.

Side Effects of Endovex

It consists of natural ingredients which are mostly herbs. These herbs are being used since tens of centuries across the world. This Supplement is not tested or evaluated by FDA but all safety standards are met during its production. Though it has got multiple certifications yet some mates are skeptical. For that reason we have contacted consumers of endovex to find out if it really is safe to use.

Consumer Reviews:

John Christ: I have been struggling with erection problem. The cause of erectile dysfunction was my age and excessive intercourse. I did not have any sexual feeling my life was boring as it had lacked excitement and enthusiasm. I had become lazy and feeling dizzy every time was my life. Yes I did exercises it helped but erection problem was same. My penis was like an electricity wire without current. My childhood friend and spouse Jacoline was also disturbed with my health. One day coming back from her office she met with her friend Lily, with her she discussed my problem. She told my wife about endovex as her husband already recovered from erection and low testosterone problem. That day I tried endovex. It did magic in my case, my electricity wire got current and erection was so hard that I cannot tell. I rate this product top notch and review it positively. Since then I already have recommended this to my other colleagues. This supplement is really doing wonders with all of them.


Saw Palmetto: Is a plant which grows in America. The plant is being used in prostate related problems primarily and bronchitis, cough, cold, asthma too. It works by shrinking inner lines of prostate which results in increased pressure on urinary tubes. It is not proved that it can decrease size of prostate.
Muira Puama: Is a plant which benefits in a number of diseases. It benefits in improving drive in bed, treating joint and stomach disorder. There has not been any report of side effects due to Muira Puama.
Ginger Extract
Horny Goat Weed
Ginkgo Biloba

Other treatments for Low testosterone:

Popular treatments for low testosterone are injection and testosterone replacement therapy. It is not recommended by experts to treat low testosterone as according to experts for many men its symptoms might not occur.
Testosterone injections are injected directly into the muscles from there it goes to blood stream. It is very popular method but has multiple disadvantages which includes liver problem. It might affect liver adversely.
Testosterone gels are applied on the skin on daily basis which then gets absorbed in to the body. From there it assimilates into the blood stream.
Mouth Patches is also a popular in this technique in which pills stick to the upper gums. From there it releases testosterones in the body via oral tissues.

Where To Buy?

You can buy it through the endovex’s official website. Manufacturer is not selling it through Amazon and GNC. They are providing trial which costs $4.99 which is only for 14 days. After that company asks for a full month supply. If you are not satisfied you can simply cancel your trial before it ends.

Are there any Alternative of Endovex?

Yes there is a wide range of supplements claiming to help in treating low testosterones. But there are only two supplements making sensation like endovex. These supplements are Alpha Prime Elite and Alpha X Boost.


Majority of people ignore their low testosterone problem just considering it an aging factor. Although it is true but low Ts are treatable. If you are feeling less motivated and no enthusiasm due to low libido, then it is a must for you.

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