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August 2014
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Do Hospital Bills Treat Us Like Morons?

As if hospital bills aren’t confusing enough! Have you ever gotten a hospital bills that treated you like a moron?

It’s tough enough to be without health insurance. But do healthcare providers have to make it even worse by treating you like a moron?

Santa Monica resident Tom Wilde recently received bills from a downtown Los Angeles clinic and the L.A. County/USC Medical Center totaling almost $2,500. What exactly were the charges for? The bills didn’t say.

There was no itemizing of procedures and prices. No diagnosis. No treatment date. No nothing. Just a notation of “new charges” and the amount due.

“They certainly wouldn’t send such a bill to an insurance company,” Wilde, 51, told me. “Insurance companies want to know exactly what they’re paying for.”

So you’d think. But we’ll get back to that.

Itemized medical bills should be standard operating procedure

What did your last hospital bill look like? Tell us about it in our discussion forum!

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