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December 2013
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Could 90% of Uninsured Arizonans Get Help from Obamacare?

Denise Early, an independent insurance broker in Arizona, pulled some number on Obamacare’s effect on uninsured Arizonans:

Around 900,000 people living in Arizona do not have health insurance. Over 90% of them will get help from Obamacare.

94% of uninsured people in Tucson will get help paying for their health insurance under Obamacare, according to Enroll America. Based on census data, 50% of the uninsured in Tucson would qualify for expanded Medicaid. In Arizona, Medicaid is run by AHCCCS, pronounced “access” (Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System). 44% of uninsured Tucsonans would qualify for help with their health insurance premium.

Currently, 85% of Americans get health insurance through their employer, so they are not affected by the health insurance mandate that is part of Obamacare. Starting in January 2014, everyone under 65 years of age must have some type of health insurance. People who purchase health insurance through their state exchange can get help with their premium if their income is less than 400% of the federal poverty level.

Over 90% of uninsured in Arizona will get Obamacare help

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