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January 2014
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Cloudy Future for One Boston Survivor

For many of us, the Boston bombing may feel like it was eons ago, but survivors are still in the thick of many issues:

Marc Fucarile reached a huge milestone this week: He was one of the last two Boston Marathon survivors to be released from the hospital. Fucarile spent 45 days in Massachusetts General Hospital, and he hopes someday to return to work with a roofing company.

Jen Regan spends time with Marc Fucarile during his hospitalization at Massachusetts General earlier in May (Photo by Bill Greene/The Boston Globe via Getty Images).

But first he will have to have rehab, and he wonders how he will pay for it.

He lost his right leg, and he’ll get some compensation from a victims’ fund called the Boston One Fund. But the deadline to apply for that is in two weeks, and the full extent of Fucarile’s injuries — his left leg was also badly hurt and he suffered head injuries — will not be known for years.

Almost $38 million has been donated so far to One Fund, and survivors with permanent brain injuries or those who lost both legs will receive more money than single amputees. But the application, based on injuries to date, is due in two weeks and there are no plans to extend the deadline.

Fucarile’s not complaining, but he’s also not sure which category fits him.

Boston Marathon Survivor Has Long Road Ahead

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