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May 2016
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Are Generic Drugs Really As Good As Expensive Prescription Drugs?

Since so many articles are coming out about expensive drugs like Lipitor, Enbrel, Crestor, and Advair going generic in the next year or two, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about the safety of generic drugs and whether they really work as well as the expensive brand-name prescription drugs.  After all, even if Lipitor is running $120 a month, who wants to switch to a generic version of Lipitor that makes you sick?  Or worse? 

Well, here at we’re fans of generic drugs; in most cases, generic drugs an easy and affordable option for many people who are trying to control their prescription drug costs. If you can pick up the prescription drugs you need at $4 a pop at your local Costco, Wal-Mart, Target or other local superstore, we’re all for it. However, that doesn’t mean that we think generic drugs are for everyone and there is increasing concern about the effect of some generic drugs on some people.

While the Food and Drug Administrationtests for “bioequivalence” of generic drugs, generic drugs are not identical to their brand name counterparts. For example, generic drugs do not necessarily have the same inactive ingredients or the same release rates as their brand name counterparts. Certainly there are numerous anecdotal reports of patients switching to generic drugs only to have their symptoms return or in worst-case scenarios, experiencing even worse symptoms.

Of particular concern are generic drugs in the areas of cardiology, psychiatry and neurology. The FDA stands by their current testing procedures for generic drugs, but if you are on a generic drug for a condition in one of those areas, you should be particularly careful.

We want to say again that many generic drugs are completely effective and an easy and affordable option for many patients, but at we want to make sure that as much information is out there as possible so you can make an informed decision.

If you switch from a brand name drug to its generic counterpart (or vice versa) and have any concerns about its effect, talk to your doctor as soon as possible!

Are you switching to generic Lipitor when it becomes available? Tell us about it!

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