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July 2013
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About Us

We came together from disparate backgrounds –medicine, pharmaceuticals, law, technology, and new media — united in a common frustration with trying to understand our medical bills.  Conventional research didn’t help.  Most sources were confusing, hard to understand or biased, and that was if we could find them at all.

We may have had little in common, but whether we were puzzling over our own bills, those of a parent, grandparent, child or other loved one, we knew there had to be a resource with more, better, and easier-to-use information out there.

It was when we came together that we realized what that resource really was.  The system was difficult for each of us to manage individually, but when we put all of our collective expertise and knowledge about how to navigate the U.S. healthcare system together, we found we knew much more together than we did separately.

And so we created, a place for all of us to come together and share information and experiences learning to cope with understanding the complexities that make up the healthcare system and understanding and paying our soaring medical bills.  We’ll be serving up as much useful, non-partisan information and resources as we can to help you navigate the system and providing message boards for visitors to ask questions and share information and their experiences with each other.

We hope you will pull up a chair and explore all our website has to offer — from our blog, to in-depth articles, forums and other resources. and this blog  are works in progress, dedicated to meeting the information needs of our visitors.  We welcome any questions, comments and other feedback you may have.